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Amberleigh Care

Amberleigh Care is a centre of excellence for young males who have exhibited inappropriate or harmful sexual behaviours. Our multi-disciplinary staff team receive specialist training and our approaches to assessment, intervention and even our operating environment are underpinned by research and the evidence base of what works in our area of practice.

Our aim is to reduce and prevent the cycle of abuse by helping young people to both recover from their own underpinning trauma, but also to acknowledge and address their own sexual behaviours. Our specialist settings manage and reduce risk through appropriate supervision and the building of pro-social skills and protective factors. All our work is consistent with the NICE guidance in this specialist field which was updated in 2016.

We achieve this through evidence based therapeutic practice delivered by a highly skilled team.

Our Service

  • Formal Therapeutic Community group living - externally validated
  • 24 hour therapeutic care
  • Full curriculum education in our own independent schools
  • In house, multi-disciplinary clinical team
  • Full independent transition programme for leaving care
  • Full assessments, informing individual therapy and interventions across care and education using the Good Lives Model
  • 3 monthly, multi-disciplinary reviews of placement plans to maintain progress

Our Success is based on

  • Positive outcomes with young people across all facets of their lives
  • Stable placements, careful matching and planning
  • Value for money for local authorities
  • Smooth & supported transitions to family, supported/ independent living or adult care
  • Effective partnership & multi-agency working

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