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Amberleigh Care

We have so many case studies of boys who have developed and matured from their care at Amberleigh, growing as individuals in a positive, safe and caring environment, but here is just one example of another successful outcome.

Paul was developmentally damaged by his life experiences due to emotional, physical and sexual abuse by his family and consequently had enormous difficulty understanding societal norms and values. Paul had attachment issues as a result of these experiences, compounded further by sixty failed placements since being placed in care. A referral was made to Amberleigh Care following Paul’s conviction for three sexual offences against known young people. Paul had been placed on the sex offenders register and recorded as a schedule one offender. He also had a criminal record for common assault on staff in previous care homes.

On admission Paul had the following vulnerability factors:

Harmful sexualised behaviour.
Own history of physical and sexual abuse and victimisation.
Attachment issues.
Aggressive behaviour.
Substance misuse.
Fire setting.
Excluded from education.
60 failed placements.

Paul's Successful Outcomes:

  • No recurrence of offending behaviour or assaults.
  • Placement stability of two and a half years.
  • Took responsibility for his health needs - planned a healthy and balanced weekly menu and also arranged and kept his own health appointments.
  • Made the decision not to smoke when he was legally allowed.
  • Developed self-esteem within a learning context, which enabled him to achieve academic and vocational qualifications.
  • Gained GCSEs in English and Mathematics and received Entry level passes in Preparation for Working Life and Science.
  • Achieved 100% attendance at school and attended a local college where he gained Level 1 CLAIT.
  • Moved into our independence group and was given a weekly budget equivalent to job seekers allowance, which he successfully managed including building up some savings.
  • Lived in one of our studio rooms which has its own kitchen area, and developed a full range of life and independent living skills.
  • Undertook driving lessons with us and passed his driving test.
  • Produced and edited our in-house magazine.
  • Developed new appropriate friendships.
  • As a planned transition, he moved to supported housing in his home town and after 2 months moved into his own flat.
  • Secured a college placement in catering and now works full time.