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Amberleigh Care

The main aim for our on-site schools is to enable each young person to realise their potential, as we recognise that every young person is unique. Our commitment is to provide a personalised and inclusive learning programme where the focus is on developing knowledge and skills, that help young people progress along their learning pathways. All of our young people have individual needs, therefore we cater for educational, emotional and social development. Individual education plans reflect the needs of each young person which are developed from a range of integrated educational assessments. Created in collaboration with the young person, the plans address personalised targets, support success and guide progress. The curriculum is firmly rooted in a therapeutic approach which is delivered in a creative and flexible way.

Our education department sees great value in the Accreditation Model. We believe all young people have a wide range of abilities, skills and talents, and we want them to achieve recognition for these aptitudes. Young people at our schools have the opportunity to study and gain accreditation for a range of subjects at GCSE, BTEC and Entry Level. Our schools at The Oaks and Golfa Hall are approved with the Department for Education and the National Assembly for Wales respectively. They are also registered as examination centres with several national awarding bodies. We help young people transcend into adult life by supporting them with work experience placements, voluntary and community work, college courses and career choices.

Teaching Key Skills

Information Technology.
Problem Solving.
Working With Others.
Improve Own Learning.

Amberleigh Therapeutic School Prospectus

Education Statement of Purpose Golfa

Education Statement of Purpose The Oaks